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Dermatologist given kit for face - Solve acne, darks-spots, pigmentation

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Skin doctor given kit. Worried about hormonal acne? Or acne scars, dark spots? Or issues like pigmentation or melasma? Do not experiment on your skin. Our doctors will take a look at your skin and you get products to solve your skin problem. What is in the kit? Facewash that is right for you. Mosituriser, Sunscreen and repair cream(s) as given based on your photos.

Solve any problem related to your skin with dermatologists guidance
Recurrent or Hormonal acne?
Or post acne problems like acne scars or dark-spots? Or issues like pigmentation or melasma?

Skin treatment without stepping out
Do not experiment on your skin. Receive skin treatment with the app,  just like visiting a dermatologists clinic, and get products home delivered.  

No matter how severe or specific your skin condition is, our doctors will look at your photos and prepare the kit for you.  This works because it is made by specialists based on your